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Bybrook back garden
Beryl and Kevin
View of Bybrook from back paddock
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Beryl and Kevin Clampton
Telephone Number + 44 (0)1666 841201
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Keith Clampton 07564 026994
Kerry Clampton
Kerry is now a fully qualified and practising Human and Equine Physiotherapist working from Sherston and travelling countrywide.
Tel: 07836 556873
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If approaching from the East (London)

Directions to Bybrook

Take the A429 to Malmesbury and Cirencester at Junction 17

after about three miles there are hangars and a left turn on a bend to Hullavington, Norton and Sherston.
Turn left here

Keep straight on this road across a couple of crossroads and under a railway bridge.

Follow the signs to Sherston. There are a couple of nasty bends on this road.

Just keep on this road until you see a sign for a lorry route to Sherston. Ignore this and take the left fork and after about 100 yards go round a left hand and then a right hand bend. When you start to go down the hill you will see Sherston Church straight ahead. Bybrook is the first cottage on the left, just before the 30 MPH sign.

If going straight to Didmarton, carry on past Bybrook. At the top of the hill in the village go straight across opposite the Rattlebone Inn. This lane goes to Knockdown. when you reach the main A46 turn left. This road runs through Didmarton and the Kings Arms is on the right in the middle of the village.

If approaching from the West.

to Stroud Leave the motorway at junction 18. Take the A46 left

If going to Didmarton keep on this road for about 6 miles. Leave the A46 at a big fork by the Badminton Estate and take the right fork, A433 to Tetbury and Cirencester. This is a nasty road junction. Badminton is on the right.

Didmarton is a couple of miles along this road and the Kings Arms is on the left in the middle of the village.

If going to Bybrook

Leave the motorway at junction 18. Take the A46 left

to Stroud

Almost immediately turn right to Tormarten and Acton Turville, past a pub on the right.

Keep on this road for a few miles. On reaching Acton Turville turn right and then immediately left. Go round a left hand bend, past the village memorial on the right and a few yards on the right take the B4040 to Sherston and Malmesbury

On reaching Sherston take the road immediately right down the side of the Rattlebone Inn, go down the hill, over the bridge and take the left fork. Bybrook is the last cottage on the right, just past the speed sign.


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